Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 years since mastectomy

five years since surgery!

it's been absolutely wonderful not wearing a bra for five years!

i remember the morning of surgery, my son james and i arrived at the hospital very early. we were walking through the parking lot attached to the hospital, and i said, "well, this is the last time my boobs will be in this parking lot." and he said, "i wouldn't be too sure. they might be wheeling 'em out of here pretty soon." so the day started off with a big laugh.

i remember waking up after surgery and my two sons were right there next to me in the hospital room, holding my hands.

and the night ended with laughing so hard my stomach hurt, when james spent the night with me in the hospital room and we were debating who had it worse, me with the surgery and upcoming chemo and radiation or him trying to quit smoking.

i am so grateful for these past five years without recurrence. although it's a milestone, i will actually breathe a sigh of relief on july 5, 2014, five years since end of treatment. i never, ever thought five years could pass without recurrence. what a gift. i'm so grateful to dr. michelle chu and her brilliant surgery, and to bobbi gillis, my nurse navigator, who helped me in so many, many ways. and i'm so grateful to my sons and friends and the farm for making these last five years some of the best of my life.



Joe B. in CT said...

I hadn't heard the parking lot exchange. That's too funny. I love a good laugh on top of a laugh. And even more so, when the laughter sweeps away the tension of the moment.

So happy to celebrate this milestone with you today!

Anonymous said...

Over the past five years I have proudly related to many friends about how strong, inspirational, and influential you have been with your blog, your advice to others who contact you, and when you stood up and fought for proper treatment throughout your recovery in Nevada.

There is no question that you are my hero, and your fortitude, strong will, love for your children, and massive stubbornness defying cancer's return are why you are still in our lives today.

I love you momma! Congratulations!

Gianna Gragnani said...

I love you so much Deborah! You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met and I am so grateful to have you in my life!